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Dental services referrals

Providing specialist dental care and training

For details about our dental referral processes please choose one of the information options below:

  • Dentist / GP / consultant referrals

    We no longer accept referrals by post.

    If you would like to refer a patient, please download the referral form (Word 32Kb) and email it to

    All referrals must be sent from an email account.

    If you are a GDP inside London and are referring your patient for endodontics, please use the pan-London endodontic referral form (Word 538Kb).

    If you are referring a patient for a suspected cancer, complete the suspected cancer urgent referral form (Word 78Kb) and email it to our two-week wait team at

    When referring a patient, include any relevant X-rays taken within the last 12 months (with the date taken visible). Our X-ray departments are very busy and a patient’s visit can often be quicker if they do not need to be X-rayed.

    Tel: 020 7188 8006

  • Jaw necrosis clinic

    The department of oral surgery draws from multiple disciplines for the management of patients with established jaw necrosis as well as those at risk of developing jaw necrosis when dental extractions are required.

    The team is made up from a range of different healthcare professionals including dental (oral surgery, sedation and special care, restorative), surgery (oral and maxillofacial, ear nose throat, plastics), oncology (head and neck, breast, prostate, multiple myeloma), and auxiliaries (dietetics, speech and language, physiotherapy).

    Those patients that fit these criteria can be referred to the clinic via this referral form (Word 32Kb). Please indicate in the ‘Reason for referral’ section that you would like your patient to be seen in the jaw necrosis clinic.

    Referrers should be aware that this clinic cannot provide routine dental care or treatment and referral requesting will not be accepted.

  • Dental and maxillofacial radiology

    The department has dental X-ray equipment, ultrasound, lithotripsy, sialendoscopy, fluoroscopy and cone beam computed tomography.

    Practitioners can refer images securely for radiology reports to and a written report will be issued.

    Dentists sending radiographs to our dental radiology department for a second opinion, please use the external dental radiograph opinion proforma (PDF 642Kb).