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Your appointment at the Acute Dental Centre

Information about what to expect at your appointment

This page explains what you can expect when you come for your appointment.

  • What to expect at your appointment

    Upon arrival, you will need to book in at the reception desk. Depending on your visit you will be seen either by clinical staff or supervised undergraduate students.

    Please note there are a three queues in operation:

    1. pre-booked outpatient appointments (new and follow-up)
    2. pre-booked treatment sessions under sedation or local anaesthetic
    3. patients attending the Acute Dental Centre without an appointment.

    The Acute Dental Centre will aim to see you as quickly as possible but can't offer guarantees on times. In most cases we will see you in the order that you arrived, although some patient's care may be more urgent and will therefore take priority. If you would like to know how long the estimated wait is, please ask a member of reception staff.

    During your visit we will carry out an examination of your face and mouth and may ask you to have x-rays and/or other tests. The treatment provided is often temporary in nature and normally you will be asked to return to your dentist for completion of treatment.

    We may discuss your condition, aim to answer questions that you might have and give guidance for any further treatment that you might need.

    The Acute Dental Centre is a part of King's College Dental Institute, which is a teaching facility for dental students and other members of the dental team. When you attend the clinic, you will be treated by dental students who are supervised by experienced senior qualified dentists.

    If you would prefer to see a specialist, this will need to be organised by your GP or local dentist who can refer you to see specialist dental staff in other departments of the dental hospital but there is no guarantee your referral will be accepted.

  • After your appointment

    If your further treatment needs are suitable for student dentists, you will be offered a further assessment in the appropriate department. To make an initial appointment please complete a self-referral form for undergraduate care and once completed send via email to

    If your treatment needs are complex and not suitable for dental students, we will recommend that your local dentist or doctor refer you to one of our specialists in a different part of the dental hospital.





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