Children's dental clinics


Our children's dental service runs and takes part in a number of clinics for children with dental problems who require advice and treatment from more than one area of dental speciality.

The clinics we currently have available are:

Hypodontia clinic (missing permanent teeth)

This weekly clinic plans the dental care for children and adults with developmental absence of permanent teeth (hypodontia).

A team of children's dentists, orthodontists, restorative dentists and oral surgeons provide treatment planning advice for rehabilitation of the mouth where teeth are missing.

We aim to provide the best possible appearance of the smile through childhood and adolescence.

Reconstruction of the smile and the bite can be undertaken once the jaws have finished growing in early adulthood.

Combined clinic of children's dentistry and orthodontics

The joint clinic serves to manage patients who have both dental and orthodontic needs.

The clinic is run by both children's dental and orthodontic consultants and operates on a bimonthly basis at the dental centre at St Thomas' Hospital.

The patients seen have a variety of conditions where both dental and orthodontic management is required. For example:

  • delayed tooth growth (tooth eruption)
  • extra teeth
  • conditions affecting the enamel of the teeth which can make orthdontics more complex to undertake.

At these clinics, patients are able to see to both dental and orthodontic clinicians at one time, benefiting both patients and our doctors.

Combined clinic of children's dentistry and oral medicine

This is a joint children's dental and oral medicine clinic designed for children and young people to access specialist care, and receive treatment.

These young people may suffer from:

  • soft tissue conditions (such as problems with the gums, cheeks or tongue)
  • saliva gland conditions
  • bone or tooth disorders.

While some of the problems may be limited to the head and neck, others may be connected with medical conditions.

Dental genetics clinic

This specialist clinic runs approximately four times a year, and includes a clinical geneticist, a dentist and an orthodontist.

Children and young adults with undiagnosed conditions involving the teeth, mouth, face and elsewhere are seen with a view to finding an underlying diagnosis.

A particular group of patients seen are those with skeletal disorders which also affect the teeth.

Treatment planning for developmental dental disorders is also given where needed.