Women's dermatology service

 Vulval disorders in women and children 

Our women's dermatology service deals with the diagnosis and management of inflammatory and other vulval disorders. We provide a specialised service for both adults and children with ano-genital disease.

Our service

We provide:

  • a clinic for the diagnosis and management of vulval dermatoses, including: all inflammatory conditions, benign (non-cancerous) lesions, vulval intra-epithelial neoplasia (VIN) and extra-mammary Paget’s (EMP) and vulval pain.
  • a monthly clinic with genito-urinary medicine for patients with infections and vulval disease.
  • children's vulval clinics.
  • experience of using topical agents in the management of VIN and EMP, working closely with the gynaecology cancer team.
  • a team of dermatological surgeons who have expertise in treating basal cell carcinomas of the vulva, laser treatment of lymphangiectasia and other disorders.
  • pain clinics with longer appointment slots, in addition to close ties with the chronic pain service with access to a physiotherapist and anaesthetist.
  • A combined clinic with a specialist consultant gynaelogical surgeon, for joint consultations/ 
  • weekly meetings to review all vulval biopsies.

This clinic serves the local community for GP referrals but it also also offers a national and international tertiary referral service. Patients are referred from other dermatologists, gynaecologists, genito-urinary (GU) medicine doctors, children's doctors, oral medicine specialists and others.


Tel: 020 7188 6399

SKIN, a history

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