Geriatric oncology liaison development (GOLD)

Your appointment will take place in one of our clinics based at Guy's Hospital or the Cancer Centre at Guy's.

How to get an appointment

Ask your cancer team or GP to refer you. 

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone: 020 7188 7188, extension 56494 and leave a message. 

We'll tell the clinic of the cancellation and call you back to rearrange your appointment.

Before you appointment

Please wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy to remove, in case we need to examine you.

Please bring:

  • a list of all the medicines you take, or have taken recently (this includes medicine you buy from a pharmacy or shop, or herbal remedies)
  • medical letters or reports about your care that you think might be useful for us to see


To arrange transport, please call 020 7188 2888.

During your appointment

Your first appointment will be face to face. Please allow up to 2 hours.

A nurse and then a doctor will see you. They will take your history and examine you.

The person you see might not be the doctor named in your appointment letter but they will be a member of the same team.

We may ask you to undress. The doctor or nurse will ask if you are comfortable before the exam and you can ask for a chaperone at any time.

You might also:

  • have an electronic tracing of your heart and blood tests (these are done at the same clinic)
  • see the specialist occupational therapist or physiotherapist
  • have an X-ray. We will aim to do this on the same day as your appointment

As this is a teaching hospital, students might be involved in your care. They will be supervised by qualified staff and will not affect the quality of your treatment. But please tell us if you do not want them to be present. We will always respect your wishes.

After your appointment

After your appointment we will send you and your GP a copy of your assessment by post. We will also send a copy to your cancer team. We might:

  • change your medicines
  • suggest further treatment
  • request further tests if needed

If you need further tests, we will continue to review you. You might have:

  • a phone call to see how you are doing
  • a return appointment to our clinic
  • a review with your GP

If you would like to talk about your assessment, please contact the GOLD team and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Last updated: November 2023

Do you have any comments or concerns about your care?

Contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

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