Headache (neurology)

Our specialist service sees people with headache conditions, including:

  • migraine
  • hemiplegic migraine
  • cluster headache
  • hemicrania continua
  • paroxysmal hemicrania
  • SUNCT and SUNA syndrome headaches
  • medication overuse headache
  • post-dural puncture headache
  • headache due to low cerebrospinal fluid pressure
  • spontaneous intracranial hypotension
  • specialist headache transition clinic for young adults previously seen in the headache service at Great Ormond Street
  • other primary headache conditions, such as:
    • primary cough headache
    • primary exercise headache
    • hypnic headache
    • new daily persistent headache

We offer a range of treatments, including:

  • greater occipital nerve injection, given with local anaesthetic and steroid
  • botox injections to the head and neck to treat chronic migraine 
  • transcranial magnetic stimulation, a non-invasive neuromodulation device for migraine
  • antibody injections and infusions (calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) monoclonal antibodies) for migraine
  • CGRP antagonist tablet treatment
  • vagus nerve stimulation, a non-invasive neuromodulation device for cluster headache

For post-dural puncture headache and spontaneous intracranial hypotension we work with colleagues in anaesthetics and neuroradiology. They provide an advanced range of treatments and investigations, including:

  • CT myelography
  • epidural blood patches (including CT-guided)
  • CT-guided targeted fibrin patches
  • surgical referrals where necessary

Our consultants

Shazia Afridi

Alexander Nesbitt

Diana Wei

Last updated: March 2024

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Neurology department, 1st floor, Southwark Wing, Guy’s Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT

Outpatient Centre, Gassiot House, St Thomas' Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7EH

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