Jaw (orthognathic) surgery

Your appointment

All appointments are face-to-face.

At your first appointment, you'll see the oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and consultant orthodontist. 

They'll discuss a date for your surgery, together with a set of 3 more appointments.

It is important you are available between the facial records appointment and the surgery. We might need you to come to an extra appointment at short notice if we need to discuss the plan with you.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone: 020 7188 1787

It is very important that you come to all the appointments as they are linked to one another. Missing an appointment will affect the others, and risk your surgery date being cancelled.

We strongly advise not to cancel any of these appointments unless you really have to.

If you have to cancel an appointment because of an emergency, please call us as soon as possible to find out if alternative arrangements can be made to avoid delaying your surgery.

If an appointment is cancelled by the hospital, the patient liaison officer will contact you.

Pre-assessment appointment

You'll need to come to a pre-assessment appointment at King's College Hospital to check that you are fit for surgery.

After we have given you a surgery date, you will receive a letter from King's College Hospital with the appointment details.

If the date is not suitable you can rearrange by calling 020 3299 1092.

This pre-assessment appointment cannot be given to you at the joint clinic as it is arranged separately by King's College Hospital.

Appointment 1: facial records

Moulds (impressions), a wax bite and facial measurements are taken.

These allow the planned surgical movements to be practised before your surgery. We also create personalised surgical splints (wafers), that the surgeon will use as guides during your surgery.

Appointment 2: wafer try-in

This appointment usually takes place in the joint clinic a few days before your surgery.

During this appointment the fit of the surgical splints is checked by the surgeon, and the final planned movements will also be checked. Hooks which will be used after your surgery will be added to your fixed braces.

Appointment 3: follow-up

This appointment will be at Guy's Hospital about a week after surgery, to check your progress.

What to do if any part of the braces breaks before surgery

If any part of the braces breaks before your surgery, please contact us.

You might be advised to come to the acute dental centre clinic, or be given an emergency orthodontic appointment to fix the appliance.

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For more information, please contact us.

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