Kidney service referrals

Treating people with kidney disease

Referral contacts

Please note that referrals from London based GPs must be sent via the NHS e-Referral Service (previously known as 'Choose and Book').

If you wish to make a tertiary referral, please do so via the email address above or the links below.

Use the links below for more information on the following types of referral:

Advice and guidance

If you require routine advice about a patient we offer two services:

We aim to respond to your email or request within five working days.

  • Routine referrals

    Routine general nephrology and chronic kidney disease referrals for Guy's and St Thomas' or Tunbridge Wells can be made by either of the following ways:

    1. Email or referral letter

      You can refer to a generic consultant nephrologist or a specific named consultant using the contact details at the top of the page. 

    2. NHS e-Referral Service

      • National number: 0345 608 8888
      • NHS e-Referral Service office at Guy’s and St Thomas’:

        Tel: 020 7188 0823/6

    Information required

    Please refer to the NICE CKD guideline 182 (PDF 340Kb) to ensure your referral meets the relevant criteria set out in these guidelines.

    In order for us to appropriately assign the referral to the correct clinic and provide a high quality service to our patients, all referrals should contain the following information:

    1. Full medical history
    2. Current medication
    3. Recent and Historical Parameters, in particular
      • Cumulative creatinine and eGFR
      • Cumulative urinary albumin:creatinine ratio (uACR) or urinary protein:creatinine ratio (uPCR)
      • Cumulative haemoglobin
      • Cumulative blood pressure readings
      • Other relevant blood tests
    1. Renal USS report (if done)
    2. Urine dipstick result

    Referrals without suitable data are unlikely to be offered appointments in the first instance.

  • Urgent and immediate referrals

    All urgent and immediate referrals should be discussed with the renal registrar on-call:

    • direct number: 07789 505 184
    • via switchboard: 020 7188 3026

    Urgent referrals

    • CKD 5 (eGFR <15mls/min) unless clinically inappropriate (eg terminal cancer)
    • CKD 4 (not previously known)
    • Nephrotic syndrome irrespective of creatinine/eGFR
    • Protein ± blood in urine with possible multisystem disease (eg SLE/vasculitis)
    • Rapidly deteriorating renal function with protein ± blood in urine

    Immediate referrals

    • AKI 3 (creatinine 3 x baseline)
    • Hyperkalaemia
    • Rapidly deteriorating renal function with malignant hypertension


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