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Your care during pregnancy

Our antenatal team will care for you before your baby is born

Midwife checking a patient's blood pressureAntenatal care is the care provided by health professionals during your pregnancy. This is usually provided by a community midwife and the clinic generally takes place in your GP’s surgery or a local Children’s Centre. 

You may also be offered appointments with an obstetrician (a doctor who specialises in pregnancy and birth), or one of the specialist midwifery teams based at St Thomas’ Hospital.

You will be able to view your maternity notes online (word 68Kb). This is an optional service and if you choose to opt-out at the beginning but then change your mind your midwife can enable at any stage of your pregnancy.

Your appointments and visits 

Your first ‘booking’ visit will take approximately one hour: the midwife will ask questions about your health, your family’s health, and your preferences for this pregnancy. With your permission, the midwife will record your height, weight and blood pressure, and will ask for a urine sample. You will be offered a full range of blood tests including:

  • your blood group, iron level (haemoglobin) and rhesus status
  • tests for HIV, hepatitis and haemoglobinopathies (eg sickle cell disease)
  • screening for Down’s syndrome.

You will also be offered antenatal ultrasound scans at St Thomas’ when you are approximately 12 weeks’ and 20 weeks’ pregnant.

If this is your first baby, you will usually be invited to at least 10 antenatal visits during your pregnancy. If you have had a baby before, you will usually be offered seven antenatal visits. We strongly advise you to attend every appointment, so that we can check that you and your baby are well.  At each appointment we will test your urine and check your blood pressure, and we will always ask you about your baby’s movements from 24 weeks’ onwards. 

Where to give birth

You can give birth at home, or in St Thomas’ Hospital. In hospital you have the choice of giving birth in the Home from Home birth centre (this is recommended if your pregnancy is straightforward), or in the Hospital Birth Centre (this is advised if your pregnancy is more complicated). 

Support and information

Are you concerned?

If you are worried about yourself or your baby (for example, you feel unwell, or you have not felt your baby move as much as usual), don't delay, contact our maternity helpline.

  • Tel: 020 7188 8760 Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm

Or call the maternity assessment unit.

  • Tel: 020 7188 1722 or 020 7188 1723 8am-8pm every day.

At other times, please ring the Hospital Birth Centre on 020 7188 6867.

Useful information

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