Mouth (oral) surgery

Surgical orthodontics clinic

We assess children and teenagers with complex treatment needs and plan their orthodontic treatment. This includes exposure and bonding of impacted teeth and orthodontic extractions as part of their wider orthodontic plan.

Head and neck cancer clinics

Dental cancer assessment clinic

The dental cancer assessment clinic is for patients having radiotherapy to the head and neck region, chemotherapy or bisphosphonate therapy.

Jaw necrosis clinic

The jaw necrosis clinic is for patients with established jaw necrosis and at risk of developing jaw necrosis when dental extractions are required.

Dental oncology rehabilitation clinic

The dental oncology rehabilitation clinic is for head and neck cancer patients with significant dental defects to improve function and appearance.

Late effects clinic

The late effects clinic is for patients with oral effects following treatments of late onset cancer.

Biopsy clinic

The biopsy clinic is a diagnostic service for head and neck cancer patients.

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) conditions clinics

TMD assessment clinic

The TMD assessment clinic is for diagnosis and treatment planning with the clinical psychology team.

Interactive group clinic

At the interactive group clinic we teach self-care to people with simple myofascial pain to conserve mouth and dental health.

Surgical TMD clinic

At the surgical TMD clinic we assess people with joint or disc issues, and prepare them for possible surgery including endoscopic arthrocentesis in dental day surgery unit.

Multi-disciplinary clinic

The multi-disciplinary clinic is for chronic TMD patients with complex facial pain syndromes. This clinic is run jointly with oral surgery, oral medicine and psychology for a comprehensive plan.

Botox clinic

The botox clinic for myofascial TMD patients who do not respond to conservation treatment.

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