Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

We provide a range of physiotherapy treatments for painful conditions affecting your:

  • joints
  • muscles
  • nerves

We're a team of specialist physiotherapists based across 4 sites in Lambeth and Southwark.

We'll diagnose your condition and work with you to find the best treatment. This could include:

  • individual exercise plans
  • manual therapy
  • exercise classes
  • hydrotherapy
  • acupuncture
  • shockwave treatment (high-energy shockwaves are passed through the skin to help relieve pain and promote movement in the affected area)

Health information

We've developed some health information to support you with:

Watch our health information videos on YouTube:

Useful resources

The getUBetter app offers support to people with muscle or joint problems. It can help you manage your condition with daily exercises and tips. Download the app for free if you're:

Research and clinical trials

Research is vital to improving the care that you receive when you're unwell. You can help improve healthcare by taking part in research studies at our Trust. During your appointment, ask your healthcare professional about research. They'll be happy to tell you about research studies you could be eligible to join. 

Last updated: February 2024

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