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Your care will be shared by the clinical genetics service and the Assisted Conception Unit (ACU), both of which are located at Guy's Hospital.


Assisted Conception Unit (ACU)

  • Satellite clinics

    We also offer three satellite centres, which are in partnership with the teams based at Exeter, Sheffield, and Leeds. The satellite centres can arrange genetic counselling and fertility treatment locally. You would still need to come to Guy’s Hospital in London for the egg and sperm collection, and subsequent embryo transfer.

    If you would like more information about the satellite centres, please contact the relevant teams below.

    • Leeds

      Genetic counsellors: Judith Edhouse, Debbie Holliday, and Jacqueline Hodgkins
      Consultant clinical geneticist: Dr Katrina Prescott

      Yorkshire regional genetics service
      Chapel Allerton Hospital
      Chapeltown Road
      Leeds LS7 4SA

      Tel: 0113 392 4463

    • Sheffield

      Genetic counsellors: Richard Sayers and Jo Patterson
      Consultant clinical geneticist: Dr Oliver Quarrell

      Sheffield clinical genetics service
      Sheffield Children's Hospital
      Western Bank
      Sheffield S10 2TH

      Tel: 0114 271 7029

    • Exeter

      Genetic counsellor: Vicky Hunt
      Consultant clinical geneticist: Dr Emma Kivuva

      Clinical genetics
      Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Heavitree)
      Gladstone Road
      Exeter EX1 2ED

      Tel: 0139 240 5723
      Fax: 0139 240 5739