Your medicines and outpatient clinics


Bringing your medicines into clinic

It is important for the team looking after you to know about all the medicines you're taking.

For some clinics it will be important that you bring in your medicines with you. For example if you use an inhaler, we may want to check that you are using it in the best way.

For other clinics you may need to bring an up to date list of all your medicines.

The clinic may send you a letter or leaflet before your appointment. Please read it carefully as it will tell you if you need to bring your medicines.

Medicines when you leave the clinic

When you leave a clinic you'll be given a hospital outpatient form for:

  • any new medicines, such as antibiotics, painkillers or new treatments that need to be started straight away
  • any medicines that have changed (for example, if the amount you take has increased) and need to be taken straight away
  • any medicines that can only be given from the hospital pharmacy

Please take the form to one of our outpatient pharmacies (Boots).

You'll get a copy of your hospital outpatient form which you should take to your GP.

This form will list your new medicines and any changes made during your clinic visit. Your GP will then be able to give you a prescription for any medicines, which you can get at your local pharmacy.

Your GP may need 2 working days to issue the prescription, and they may want to see you first.

We'll send your GP a letter with details of your consultation and changes made to your medicines. This will not happen straight away. You’ll get a copy of this letter.

The hospital will not give:

  • routine long-term medicines that your GP prescribes for you
  • your new medicines if they can be prescribed by your GP and if you do not need to start taking them straight away

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