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How to get an appointment

Your GP or another health professional can refer you.

If you have been referred for an X-ray, you do not need an appointment. This is a walk-in service. You can come straight to St Thomas' Hospital or Guy's Hospital for your X-ray.

Please make sure that your GP has sent your referral before you come for your X-ray. This will minimise any delays. We are unable to see you without a referral.

You need an appointment for all other scans.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone: 020 7188 5542

Please contact as soon as possible. We answer the phone Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Please note that the phone lines are particularly busy on Monday mornings.

Before your appointment

Please read your appointment letter carefully. You may need to prepare before your appointment.

Your letter will tell you if you need to bring any medicines you are taking.

Please tell the radiographer before your examination if you are or might be pregnant. We'll ask you to complete a form stating the date of your last period.

If you arrive late you may need to wait or we may not be able to see you.

If you miss your appointment, you will be referred back to your doctor.

During your appointment

We may ask you to change into a hospital gown if you are wearing clothes with metal fastenings like zips, buttons or hooks on a bra, as these show up on the images. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a gown, please bring a pair of pyjama trousers and a plain t-shirt with you.

The radiographer will ask you if you are happy for the examination to go ahead. For more information, see our consent policy.

At your appointment you'll see a:

  • radiographer, the person doing your X-ray or scan
  • radiologist, a doctor trained to explain the results
  • radiology nurse
  • health care assistant and radiology department assistant

We're a teaching hospital and we may ask if students can sit in on your X-ray or scan. It won't affect your care if you say no.

After your appointment

We'll study the images from your X-ray or scan. We'll produce a report and send it to the doctor who referred you.

Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the results.

Last updated: November 2023

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Contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

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