Restorative dental

Our restorative dental services provide treatment and care for diseases of the mouth, teeth, gums and supporting structures such as bones.

We offer a full treatment planning service for:

  • endodontics (diseases of the tooth pulp and root)
  • periodontics (gum disease and related gum problems)
  • prosthodontics (tooth replacement, including crowns, bridges, implants and dentures)

This includes if you need a second opinion or pain diagnosis.

A limited treatment service is available for some people who need complex care, including:

  • after jaw surgery or radiotherapy to the jaw for head and neck cancer
  • cleft lip and palate, hypodontia (missing teeth) and other dental developmental defects
  • after a severe dental injury

We offer a same-day service for head and neck cancer patients to speed up dental assessment before surgery and recovery after surgery.


We offer diagnosis, prevention and management for diseases of the tooth pulp and the tissues around the root of the tooth.

This includes root canal treatment. Our department is one of the largest postgraduate endodontics training centres in the world.


We provide diagnosis and management of gum disease and related gum problems. We work with your general dental practitioner (GDP) to improve gum health. Our service offers:

  • information, advice and education on mouth hygiene
  • professional tooth cleaning, using local anaesthesia if needed
  • gum surgery, including bone and gum grafts


We provide diagnosis and a care plan for dentists on how to replace missing or worn down teeth. We may also replace or restore your teeth, but most of the time we'll give your general dental practitioner (GDP) advice about how to treat them. We always work with your GDP to improve mouth health.

We replace missing teeth with:

  • dentures
  • implants
  • supported crowns
  • bridges

We also restore worn and broken-down teeth with crowns.

Our service covers south east England and specialises in treating people with:

  • a history of mouth trauma
  • missing teeth from birth
  • a history of mouth cancer


Restorative dental service consultants

Endodontics consultants

  • Federico Foschi
  • Francesco Mannocci
  • Philip Mitchell
  • Sadia Niazi
  • Shanon Patel

Periodontal consultants

  • Navidah Chaudhary
  • Mandeep Ghuman
  • Emily Lu
  • Zainab Malaki
  • Luigi Nibali
  • Mark Ide
  • Pegah Heidarzadeh Pasha
  • Rupal Patel
  • Ruben Garcia Sanchez
  • Vanessa Sousa

Prosthodontics consultants

  • Dr Rupert Austin
  • Professor David Bartlett
  • Dr Kostas Karagiannopoulos
  • Dr Hiten Pabari
  • Dr Alan Preiskiel
  • Dr Sachin Varma

Research and clinical trials

Research is vital to improving the care that you receive when you're unwell. You can help improve healthcare by taking part in research studies at our Trust. During your appointment, ask your healthcare professional about research. They'll be happy to tell you about research studies you could be eligible to join.

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