Burrell Street clinic

Providing a free and confidential sexual health service

Burrell Street sexual health clinic

Burrell Street Sexual Health Centre is a state-of-the-art reproductive and sexual health service based in the heart of Southwark, London.

We no longer accept walk-ins for asymptomatic (no concerns or no symptoms) check-ups. Please order an online self-testing kit.

We are London's first NHS clinic that is open seven days a week, offering a full range of sexual health services.

Our clinic is run by a team of doctors, nurses and health advisers.

Appointment changes

We are testing a different operating system. We are offering an appointment system and a walk-in service available all day (note that Wednesdays and weekend appointments will vary, please see our opening times).

The aim of this trial will be to see if this will help us to improve our service and reduce queues, improve access choice and provide a better patient experience.

You will be able to book an appointment for a time slot online or in clinic if you:

  • need treatment
  • have symptoms
  • have had sex with someone with a confirmed STI/STD
  • need contraception (pill/patch/ring/injection)
  • need emergency contraception (pill or copper coil)
  • need coil insertion or removal
  • need implant insertion or removal.

If you prefer to walk in, you can still do so each day on a ‘first come, first served’ basis (subject to availability).

Services we offer


Patients can self-refer to most of our clinics. GPs and other health professionals can also refer a patient.



Tel: 020 7188 6666 (lines open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 8.30am-6pm, and Wednesday 12.30pm – 6pm)

Results line

Tel: 020 7188 8726

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11am-1pm

It is closed on Wednesdays.

Online booking service

We offer an online booking service where you can book an appointment to be seen for any of the services provided by the clinic.

SXT website

Visit SXT.org.uk for further advice and travel directions for this clinic.