Streatham Hill: services for men who have sex with men


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Appointments are added to the system at 12 noon every day for an appointment the following day.

What does this appointment include?

This appointment can include:

  • vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B
  • vaccinations against the wart virus
  • PEP access
  • PrEP information, support or monitoring for those purchasing PrEP elsewhere
  • screening for all sexual transmitted infections.

What does this appointment not include?

This appointment does not include:

  • assessment of symptoms
  • examination
  • treatment of an infection that we haven’t asked you to return for.

If you want any of the above, please walk in to the Streatham Hill clinic.

This appointment is not for patients on the IMPACT trial.



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Streatham Hill Centre
41 A-C Streatham Hill
London SW2 4TP

Tel: 020 3049 4006

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