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Therapies patient leaflets



This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

Managing daily tasks with one hand

This leaflet gives information, hints and tips on how to complete daily tasks with one hand.

Mepiform silicone gel

This information sheet provides you with information about Mepiform silicon gel and tells you how to use it.

Occupational therapy in POPS

This leaflet gives more information about having occupational therapy in the Proactive Care of Older People Undergoing Surgery (POPS) unit

Patello-femoral pain (PFP)

This booklet provides information on Patello-femoral pain syndrome and how physiotherapy can help.

Pressure therapy

This information sheet tells you how to care for your pressure garment and advises you of potential issues to look out for.

Protecting your joints

This leaflet explains ways to reduce stress on your joints to help you remain as active and independent as possible.

Psoriasis - Living with psoriasis

This leaflet introduces some suggestions and ideas from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – a type of therapy proven to be effective in helping people to live well with other chronic conditions.

REACH OUT - Multidisciplinary neuro-rehabilitation upper limb service

This leaflet explains more about the REACH OUT neuro-rehabilitation clinic - a special service that provides rehabilitation for people with neurological problems that affect the arm or hand.

Rehabilitation after leg amputation

This booklet is about having a lower limb amputation and your rehabilitation after the operation. The aim is to help you and your family, friends or carers understand more about amputation and what to expect after your surgery. It will outline your rehabilitation process from the day you have surgery to when you leave hospital and tell you about the services available to you.

Renal rehabilitation

This leaflet gives information about the 12-week Renal Rehab Physiotherapy course.
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