Toxicology patient information


Poisons advice

Patients and their relatives with enquiries concerning poisoning / overdose should contact NHS 111

Medical toxicology clinic

Patients with recognised or suspected poisoning are seen and assessed in the medical toxicology clinic, held weekly at in Gassiott House, St Thomas’ Hospital. This clinic receives patient mainly from greater London and south east England, but can accept referrals from anywhere in the UK.

Part of this clinic is a weekly dedicated 'club drug clinic', where patients are seen jointly with a clinical toxicologist and addiction psychologist.

Patients must be referred by their GP or local hospital; we do not take direct referrals from patients.

Paediatric cases will normally need to be reviewed by a local paediatrician prior to referral, for clinical assessment and examination.

The clinic is supported by a team of consultant psychiatrists and psychologists. You might be seen by these members of the team as part of your clinical assessment.

Inpatient clinical toxicology service

This inpatient service provides specialist advice in the management of poisoned patients presenting to St Thomas'. Patients who have been admitted to the emergency medical unit (EMU), a medical ward, critical care ward or Evelina London Children's Hospital with the diagnosis of poisoning are seen and assessed on the twice daily clinical toxicology ward round. 

Where appropriate the ongoing care of these patients is provided by the clinical toxicology team.

A specialist registrar in clinical toxicology and/or consultant is available on call to assess and/or provide advice on acutely poisoned patients who come to A&E