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Hedley Atkins Unit

Information for patients staying on the ward and their visitors


Directions: from the main entrance, turn right at main reception and enter Borough Wing. Take the lift to the 8th floor. Go through the set of double doors and Hedley Atkins unit is on your left. 

Hedley Atkins unit specialises in looking after cancer and sickle cell patients.

On your admission to Hedley Atkins unit a member of staff will swab various parts of your skin to check for MRSA. This is done for every patient when they arrive, and it helps to prevent and control infections in our hospitals.

General information

  • Staff: 45 nurses and seven health care assistants.  

Information for visitors

  • In response to coronavirus, we are currently restricting the visiting times and the number of visitors per patient. Please visit the visiting patients page for more information.

  • As most of our patients are prone to infections due to their treatment, we ask friends and relatives not to visit if they have coughs, colds or any other infections. For the same reason, we do not recommend small children visit the ward, but please speak to the nurse in charge if this affects you.
  • You can use your mobile phone on the ward, but please respect other patients while using it, especially when they may be asleep. Please make sure that it is kept on silent mode at all times. There is also a payphone outside the unit.

Your care on the ward

Our welcome pack

We provide more information about your stay in our welcome pack. This contains a welcome booklet, which explains what to expect during your stay and what will happen on the day you are ready to leave hospital.

It also includes things to help make your stay as comfortable as possible, such as ear plugs, an eye mask, hand wipes, toothpaste, a toothbrush and non-slip socks.

Ward rounds

Ward rounds generally start at 9am. The meeting your ward team page gives more information about the general ward routine.


  • Breakfast - 8.30am
  • Lunch - 12 noon
  • Dinner - 6pm

We have a 'protected mealtime' policy between 12noon-1pm so you can eat without being interrupted.

Hot drinks are always available from the tea trolley, in the corridor outside the kitchen. This is free for patients, but we ask visitors to make a small donation. Our catering assistant will also do a tea round in the morning and in the afternoon. 

See our meals page for more information.

Facilities on the ward

There is a day room for you and your visitors to use. Please respect the area and keep it clean.

The Hospedia (formerly patientline) service by your bed offers a radio that you can use for free and a television, which you have to pay for. It also offers a telephone. 

Tell us what you think

We hope your stay is as pleasant as possible. If you or any of your visitors have a question or compliment or concern, please:

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