Wheelchair and specialist seating community service

Helping patients with mobility and postural problems

Wheelchair and specialist seating community service

About us

Our wheelchair service is aimed at people of all ages with mobility and postural problems, who need a wheelchair for more than six months.

We provide, on a loan basis, both powered and non-powered wheelchairs, buggies and associated postural seating systems to cater for your individual needs.

Our team comprises physiotherapists, occupational therapists, technical instructors, rehabilitation engineers and technicians and administrators. They are responsible for the assessment, prescription and fitting of wheelchairs.

The national voucher scheme is also available through our service.

Our service is based at Bowley Close Rehabilitation Centre, we work closely with the orthotic service, the amputee rehabilitation service and the assistive technology team.



Tel: 020 3049 7760

Email: gst-tr.gsttwheelchair