Community stroke and neuro-rehabilitation service


Making a referral

We accept referrals from GPs and other health professionals. Patients can also self-refer.

Please email the referral form to us.

If you need help making a self-referral, please phone us.

Referral criteria

Inclusion criteria

  • Adults aged 16 and over
  • Registered with a GP in Lambeth or Southwark
  • People who have had a new stroke or other neurological condition affecting their function
  • People with a recent change in their neurological presentation
  • When your patient changes how they manage their daily activities due to their neurological condition
  • People with community specific goals or are unable to attend outpatients
  • Patients who have had a stroke within the last 6 months

Exclusion criteria

  • Patients referred solely for vocational rehab input
  • Equipment only or major adaptations
  • Any wheelchair assessments, adaptations or provisions
  • Hand therapy and splinting needs only
  • Pressure care or profiling beds only
  • Patients with swallowing difficulties and a feeding tube
  • Patients with a tracheostomy and swallowing difficulties

Urgent referrals

If you are concerned that your patient has a swallowing difficulty and is at risk of aspiration, please make sure this is clearly marked on the referral form.

Urgent speech and language therapy (swallow) referrals will be seen in 2 to 3 working days.

Last updated: January 2024

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