Follow-up with a local optometrist

Cataract surgery

After cataract surgery, you have an appointment with an optometrist in your local area. This is instead of a hospital follow-up appointment.

An optometrist is trained to recognise abnormalities in your eyes.

Having your follow-up with a community optometrist means you get the same standard of care without needing to visit the hospital.

You will need this appointment even if your eye feels OK.

This appointment needs to be with a minor eye conditions scheme (MECS) provider.

MECS allows you to have your eyes assessed and treated through your local optometrist. This means that you can be seen by an eye specialist at a time and location that's convenient for you.

How to make an appointment

Within 5 days following your cataract surgery, please phone a MECS provider that is local to you.

You only need your discharge letter to make your appointment.

Choose a provider from the list, even if the optician you usually visit is not listed.

Tell the optometrist that you have just had cataract surgery and would like to make an appointment for your post-operative check.

Your appointment will be 4 to 6 weeks after your operation. By this time, you should have finished your course of eye drops.

Do not drive or cycle to this appointment, as you might need to have tests that can affect your vision.

During the follow-up appointment

This appointment is different to a routine eye test that you might have for glasses.

The optometrist:

  • checks your eye to make sure it is healing well
  • checks your vision and does an eye test

They tell you if you need glasses or not.

What to bring with you

When you go to your appointment, please bring your:

  • discharge letter
  • glasses or contact lenses that you have been using

You are given a discharge letter when you leave hospital. The discharge letter has information about your operation.

If you cannot find your discharge letter, please call the hospital admissions team on 020 7188 4308 as soon as you realise your documents are missing. The team will give you another discharge pack, which you can collect.

After your follow-up appointment

If your eye is healing and you do not need any more treatment, you will be discharged.

If you need cataract surgery on your other eye, the MECS optometrist will tell the hospital. The hospital will send you a date for your second eye cataract surgery, as well as all the instructions that you will need.

If the optometrist has any concerns, they will refer you back to the hospital to be seen by a specialist.

The optometrist will send all the information about your recovery after surgery back to the hospital eye clinic electronically, through a secure connection. It's added to your hospital records.

Accredited MECS optometrists

You need to contact an optician from this list to make your appointment, even if your usual optician is not listed.

This list was last updated in August 2022. For practices that might have been added since, please visit

You can also view the list of MECS opticians on a map.

Boots Opticians, Bexleyheath 25 The Mall, DA6 7JJ
020 8301 5656
[email protected]
Collett Opticians, Sidcup 103 Main Road, DA14 6ND
020 8300 3222
[email protected]
Crayford Optical Centre 11a Crayford High Street, DA1 4HH
01322 557 700
[email protected]
L Dollay Optometrist 259 Bexley Road, Erith, DA8 3EX
01322 359 507
[email protected]
Linklaters Optometrists 120 Broadway, Bexleyheath, DA6 7DQ
020 8303 4014
[email protected]
M. Beg, Erith 115 Erith High Street, DA8 1RG
01322 342 620
[email protected]
R. F. Linklater, Welling 136 High Street, DA16 1TJ
020 8303 4963
[email protected]
S.Gothelf & Associates, Blackfen 10 Wellington Parade, DA15 9NB
020 8303 3935
[email protected]
Second Sight Opticians 81 High Street, Welling, DA16 1TY
0208 301 4586
[email protected]
Specsavers, Bexleyheath 116a Broadway, DA6 7DQ
020 8298 9920
[email protected]
Specsavers, Sidcup 53 High Street, DA14 6ED
020 8308 3500
[email protected]
Boots Opticians, Hayes 2 Station Buildings, Station Approach, BR2 7EN
020 8462 5332
[email protected]
Day Lewis Opticians 116 Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3AY
01959 572 535
[email protected]
Linklater & Warren Opticians, Chislehurst 30a High Street, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5AN
020 8295 5131
[email protected]
Maxivise, Penge 88 High Street, SE20 7HB
020 8659 4342
[email protected]
Oakmead Opticians, Chislehurst Sunnyways, 1 Prince Imperial Road, BR7 5LX
020 8467 5139
[email protected]
Orpington Eyecare Centre 277 High Street, Orpington, BR6 0NW
01689 820 866
[email protected]
Specology, Biggin Hill Unit 9, 160 Main Road, TN16 3BA
01959 928 001
[email protected]
Specsavers, Orpington 169 High Street, BR6 0LW
01689 890 168
[email protected]
Avery Opticians, Eltham 176 Bexley Road, SE9 2PH
020 8850 8405
[email protected]
Collett Opticians, Eltham 43 Passey Place, SE9 5DA
020 8850 3415
[email protected]
Coton & Hamblin, Woolwich 11 Wellington Street, SE18 6PQ
020 8854 1491
[email protected]
Coton & Hamblin, Blackheath 178 Westcombe Hill, SE3 7DH
020 8858 1858
[email protected]
L. Dollay Optometrist, Thamesmead 4a Joyce Dawson Way, SE28 8RA
020 8311 8711
[email protected]
Page & Small Opticians, Charlton 213 Charlton Rd, SE7 7ED
020 8293 9493
[email protected]

Banks Optometrists, Brixton

8 Acre Lane, SW2 5SG
020 7274 4414
[email protected]

Boots Opticians, Streatham

6 Astoria Parade, SW16 1PR
020 8769 1030
[email protected]

London Eye Care Centre, West Norwood

30 Knights Hill, SE27 0HY
020 8670 1845
[email protected]

Medirex Opticians, Oval

60a Brixton Road, SW9 6BS
020 7735 5309
[email protected]

Medirex Opticians, Vauxhall

28-29 Wilcox Close, SW8 2UD
020 7622 1893
[email protected]

Monoptics Opticians, Stockwelll

211 Stockwell Road, SW9 9AU
020 7274 6636
[email protected]

Opticalise, Waterloo

33 Lower Marsh, SE1 7RG
020 7633 0680
[email protected]

Oval Eyes Opticians, Oval

8 Clapham Road, SW9 0JG
020 7820 0935
[email protected]

R. Woodfall Opticians, West Norwood

286 Norwood Road, SE27 9AF
020 8670 4100
[email protected]

Specsavers, Brixton

492 Brixton Road, SW9 8EQ
020 7738 5999
[email protected]

Specsavers, Streatham

192 Streatham High Rd, SW16 1BB
020 8677 5866
[email protected]

Boots Opticians Lewisham

72-78 Lewisham High Street, SE13 5JH
020 8852 3799
[email protected]

Crofton Park Opticians

376 Brockley Road, SE4 2BY
020 8692 8335
[email protected]

London Eye Care Centre, Forest Hill

50 London Road, SE23 3HF
020 8699 3196
[email protected]

R. Woodfall Opticians, Sydenham

6 Sydenham Road, SE26 5QW
020 8778 4557
[email protected]

Sight Centre, Deptford

78 Deptford High Street, SE8 4RT
020 8691 5500
[email protected]

Sight Centre, Evelyn Street

303 Evelyn Street, SE8 5RA
020 8691 4218
[email protected]

Specsavers, Catford

130-134 Rushey Green, SE6 4HQ
020 8314 2370
[email protected]

Specsavers, Lewisham

174 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6JL
020 8297 2777
[email protected]

R. Woodfall, East Dulwich

46 Lordship Lane, SE22 8HJ
020 8299 6622
[email protected]

Specsavers, Peckham

Unit 3, Aylesham Centre, Rye Lane, SE15 5EW
020 7277 7222
[email protected]

Specsavers, Walworth

226 Walworth Road, SE17 1JE
020 7277 3200
[email protected]

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