Your appointment at the adult audiology centre


Clinic location

If you are experiencing hearing problems, you should go to your GP in the first instance.

  • Changing or cancelling your appointment 

    Please call the main telephone number at the top of this page. Alternatively you may email us at   

  • Before your appointment 


    It is important that your ears are always clear of wax when you come for your appointment. Wax may:

    • prevent us from performing your hearing test
    • prevent us from fitting your hearing aid
    • cause whistling when we fit your hearing aid.

    If you are prone to wax build up, please visit your GP or practice nurse to check your ears for wax before you come for your appointment. 

    Reading glasses:

    If you need reading glasses, please bring these with you. This is because hearing aids are quite small and therefore can be difficult to see when explaining how the hearing aid works. Additionally, we may refer to booklets and leaflets during appointments, which may be difficult to read without your glasses.

  • What to expect at your appointment

    You may have a:

    • hearing assessment
    • hearing aid issue appointment
    • hearing therapy appointment
    • balance appointment
    • more detailed assessment of your hearing using advanced tests

Bring a friend or relative

For the first few appointments we advise you to bring a friend or relative with you, because:

  • Some of your appointments may take a long time and we will give you a lot of information. It can be helpful to have someone else with you to absorb the information as well.
  • Hearing aids take time to get used to and it is important that your family and friends also understand this.
  • If English is not your first language and do you not feel you need an interpreter, it may be useful to have a friend or relative to interpret for you. However, if you do want to use one of our interpreters, you may do so on one occasion. Please call 020 7188 2211 to arrange this.


If you need hospital transport to come for your appointment, please call the transport team on 020 7188 2888 and they will assess your suitability.

Patient leaflets

Please see our audiology patient leaflets page to see a list of patient leaflets produced by this department.

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