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How to get an appointment

Your GP or other medical specialist can refer you.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone: 020 7188 2756

Email: [email protected]

Before your appointment

Please bring a list of any medicines you take.

Write down any questions that you want to ask. Start with the most important. Bring a pen and paper so you can write down the answers.

If you do not understand any answers, please ask the doctor or nurse to explain them again. They will be happy to do this.

You can bring a friend or relative to your appointment for support. They can help you remember all the information.

During your appointment

Your first appointment will be a face-to-face appointment and can take up 2 hours. We'll try not to keep you waiting but delays sometimes happen. Please allow plenty of time for your appointment.

A member of our medical team will see you. This might be a:

  • doctor
  • physician's associate
  • senior nurse

The doctor named in your appointment letter may not see you. The person you see will be a member of the same team.

We'll take a medical history and examine you. You may be asked to undress as part of the examination. We'll ask if you are comfortable with this. You can request a chaperone at any time.

You may also need:

  • a blood test
  • a urine sample
  • height and weight measurements
  • blood pressure, temperature and pulse checks

We are a teaching hospital and students might be involved in your care. They'll always be supervised by qualified staff. It is valuable training for students and does not affect the quality of your treatment in any way. Please tell us if you do not want them to be present or involved. We will always respect your wishes.

After your appointment

We'll send you and your GP a letter. This may include:

  • what we talked about at the appointment
  • results or diagnosis
  • request for further tests, if needed
  • follow-up appointments

You can phone our nurse specialists on 020 7188 9333 if you want to talk about what's in this letter.

Follow-up appointments may be:

Last updated: March 2022

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