Amputee rehabilitation

For inpatient services after surgery and outpatient assessment and prostheses

About us

Our amputee rehabilitation services provide both a specialist rehabilitation unit for adults after major amputation surgery and a prosthesis service for people who need an artificial limb as a result of amputation or congenital (present from birth) abnormality

We have an inpatient unit at Lambeth community care centre and an outpatient service at Bowley Close rehabilitation centre.

Referrals to these services

Your consultant or GP may refer you by following our referral procedures.


Outpatient contacts at Bowley Close

Amputee rehabilitation service
Bowley Close rehabilitation centre
Bowley Close
Farquhar Road
London SE19 1SZ

Tel: 020 3049 7700

Opening hours: 8.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday

Inpatient contacts at Lambeth community care centre

Amputee rehabilitation unit
Lambeth Community Care Centre
Monkton Street
London SE11 4TX

Tel: 020 3049 6912

Visiting time is 11am-8.30pm

Prosthetic service booklet

Information for patients with lower limb amputation or limb deficiency (PDF 810Kb).