Dental psychology

Your appointment

Your appointment may be:

When you book your appointment, please let us know which type of appointment you prefer.

How to get an appointment

A doctor, dentist or nurse working at Guy's Dental Hospital can refer you.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone 020 7188 8006 to change or cancel your appointment. Please let us know as soon as possible.

If you miss your appointment we'll send you a message asking you to respond within 14 days to re-book.

Before your appointment

You may be asked to complete some questionnaires before or during your appointment.

Please bring reading glasses if you need them.

Please contact us if you'd like to speak to someone before your appointment about what to expect.

During your appointment

You won't have any dental treatment at your first appointment. We'll see you in a room that doesn't contain dental equipment. 

Your first appointment will usually last up to 1 hour. 

You may see a:

  • psychologist
  • cognitive behavioural (CBT) therapist
  • specialist nurse

We'll ask you about your needs and why you were referred to us.

If you're appointment is for dental anxiety, we'll work with you to identify your priorities for changing how you feel about visiting the dentist.

We'll decide together if you need more psychology appointments. We'll give you advice to help you manage your condition on your own.

After your appointment

After your first appointment, we'll write to the person who referred you to let them know what we agreed. We'll send a copy of this letter to you and, if you agree, to your GP.

If you have follow-up appointments, we'll write to the person who referred you again to let them know about the progress you have made. You'll also receive a copy of this letter.

Contact us

For more information, please contact us.

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Do you have any comments or concerns about your care?

Contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

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