Oral medicine research


Clinical research programmes

We have active oral medicine consultants who work with their colleagues to supervise research projects from student level through to PhD doctoral research in fields ranging from:

  • oral cancer diagnosis and pre-cancer management.
  • microbiology, immunology, inflammatory and degenerative disease aetiopathogenesis and management.
  • to the development and assessment of new diagnostic instruments.

Our department is part of the Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences Group, within King's College London and is an active participant in King's Health Partners, the Biomedical Research Centre, The Combined Cancer Imaging Centre across London and the Medical Engineering Centre. 

We are an active UK centre for the International SICCA dry mouth collaboration. Over £1 million worth of grants have been raised by members of the department in the last few years.

National and international publications and presentations

Apart from national and European oral medicine and healthcare meetings, members of the King's College London oral medicine team regularly present our work at the major international meetings including the:

  • IADR (International Association for Dental Research)
  • EAOM (European Association for Oral Medicine)
  • PEF IADR (Pan European federation of the IADR)
  • WWW OM (World Wide Workshop in Oral Medicine)

We publish regularly in international peer-reviewed journals each year, with over a 100 publications in the last few years. We have an international academic reputation for the multidisciplinary research work we undertake in the department.