Genetic skin diseases (genodermatoses)

Diagnosis and management of genetic skin disorders 


Our genetic skin diseases centre is a leading centre for the diagnosis and management of people with genetic skin disorders.

We treat a wide variety of skin diseases, including:

  • ichthyosis (thickened, dry and scaly skin)
  • palmoplantar keratoderma (thickened skin on the palms of the hand and soles of the feet)
  • ectodermal dysplasia (a group of disorders affecting a combination of hair, nails, teeth or sweating)
  • pachyonychia congenita (a rare genetic skin disease causing thickened nails and skin problems).

Our diagnostic laboratory, based within our department, undertakes analyis of skin biopsy specimens and genetic testing for a number of rare genetic skin disorders.

We are actively involved in clinical research and are dedicated to enhancing the understanding of and treatment options for genetic skin disease.


St Thomas' Hospital
Tel: 020 7188 6399

Guy's Hospital
Tel: 020 7188 7349

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