First seizure clinic

The neurology team diagnoses and treats problems with the brain or nervous system. The first fit (seizure) clinic is for people who have had a sudden and short disruption to their brain activity. This is not always a seizure.

You might have a phone appointment at the clinic if you’ve had symptoms such as:

  • uncontrollable jerking and shaking (a fit)
  • losing awareness of your surroundings
  • staring blankly into space
  • becoming stiff
  • having strange sensations (unusual smells or tastes, tingling in your arms or legs)
  • collapsing or passing out and not remembering what happened

If this is the first time you’ve had these symptoms, it's important to see the neurology team so they can work out the cause.

If someone has these symptoms more than once, this might be epilepsy.

Health information

The NHS website has information about what to do if someone has a fit (seizure).

Our consultants

Guy Leschziner, consultant neurologist

William Stern, consultant neurologist

Last updated: March 2024

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