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Learning disability community health team

Supporting people with learning disabilities 

Learning disability community health team

The community learning disability health team is a secondary care service made up of a number of health related specialist therapists and nurses.

We support people with learning disabilities and their family to maintain good health in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. 

Our team includes:

  • occupational therapists who can help you learn new skills and think about where you want to live
  • physiotherapists who can help you sit and lie down comfortably and help you if you have problems walking
  • audiologist who can test how well you hear and help you keep your ears healthy
  • speech and language therapists who can help you to communicate and to eat and drink safely
  • community nurses who can help you learn about and improve your health.

Team contacts

Alison Keens, head of vulnerable adults and prevention services
Tel: 020 3228 9620



Lambeth and Southwark Community Learning Disability Health Teams
Tel: 020 3049 7518

Lewisham Community Learning Disability Health Team
Tel: 020 3228 9620

Email: gst-tr.awldhealthteam@

Standards of practice

Our community learning disability physiotherapists, Sarah Bruce and David Standley, have developed UK-wide standards of practice for physiotherapists working with adults with a learning disability.