Liver and hepatology

We specialise in the care and management of patients with disorders of the:

  • liver
  • biliary tract (includes gallbladder and bile ducts)
  • pancreas

Our service assesses people so they can get the treatment or support they need.

Treatment can involve medicine or having a procedure.

Lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and avoiding alcohol, can also stop your condition from getting worse. We can help you find support with this.

Our team includes:

  • consultant hepatologists (liver doctors)
  • specialist nurses
  • pharmacists

We work with other teams, including:

  • alcohol care team, for patients with alcohol problems
  • obesity services, for patients with fatty liver

We refer patients who need more specialised treatment or a liver transplant to King's College Hospital liver transplant centre.


We'll care for you on one of our wards if you need to stay in hospital:

Our consultants

Phillip Berry

Sreelakshmi Kotha

Matthew Long

Giovanni Tritto

Ben Warner

Bo Wang

Terry Wong

Research and clinical trials

Research is vital to improving the care that you receive when you're unwell. You can help improve healthcare by taking part in research studies at our Trust. During your appointment, ask your healthcare professional about research. They'll be happy to tell you about research studies you could be eligible to join.

You can also email [email protected] for more information.

Last updated: April 2024

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