Older person's physiotherapy

Your appointment

Your appointment may be:

How to get an appointment

You can ask your GP to refer you if you live in Lambeth or Southwark.

If you're already being treated at our hospital, you can ask your healthcare professional to refer you to us.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone: 020 7188 2091

Email: [email protected]

Please let us know if you're unable to attend so that we can reschedule your appointment.

If you do not attend more than 1 appointment, you may be discharged from our service and will need another referral.

Before your appointment

Please wear comfortable clothing if you're coming for an assessment or class.

Free patient transport is available if you need it.

For telephone appointments, we'll try to call you at the exact time but may call up to 15 minutes before or after your appointment time.

During your appointment

Our physiotherapist will:

  • ask you how your condition is affecting your life and ability to carry out your usual activities
  • ask you to complete a mobility and balance assessment. This includes watching how you move
  • explain how to manage your symptoms, support your recovery and limit the impact on your daily activities

We're a teaching hospital and students might be involved in your care. The students are supervised by qualified staff and it is valuable training for them. It does not affect the quality of your treatment but please tell us if you do not want them to be involved. We'll always respect your wishes.

Our group exercise sessions last for 1 hour.

New patient appointments take 45 minutes.

1-to-1 physiotherapy sessions take up to 30 minutes.

After your appointment

Our physiotherapist will discuss with you the best way to manage your condition. This can include:

  • advice on how to manage your condition at home
  • a course of individual physiotherapy
  • referral to a physiotherapy exercise group and information class

If you need another appointment we'll book it for you that day. When you’re discharged from our service, a letter will be sent to your GP and you'll receive a copy.

Contact us

For more information, please contact us.

Do you have any comments or concerns about your care?

Contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

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