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Pharmacy patient leaflets

Advice and support about your prescribed medicines

This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

Direct oral anticoagulants for AF and VTE

Information about anticoagulants (blood thinning medicines) that may be prescribed for you if you are diagnosed with AF (irregular heart rhythm) or venous thromboembolism (a blood clot).

Questions about your medicines

It is normal to have questions about the medicines you are taking. This page lists common questions people have about their medicines, to help you ask any questions you have to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Self or carer administration of medicine scheme

You or your carer might be able to take or give (administer) medicines yourself while you are in hospital. This is called self or carer administration of medicines scheme.

Tocilizumab to treat coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information about how we use tocilizumab to treat coronavirus (COVID-19).

Unlicensed medicines

You may have been prescribed a medicine that is 'unlicensed'. Find information on what this means for you.

Your hospital stay and medicines

If you are coming into hospital you might have some questions about your medicines and what will happen when you are in hospital. This information will answer some of your questions before you come to the hospital.
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