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Pressure ulcers: the zero pressure campaign

Prevention is better than cure

Zero pressure ulcers

What is the zero pressure campaign?

'Zero pressure' is a campaign to reduce the number of avoidable pressure ulcers across the community in Lambeth and Southwark.

We've developed resources and training sessions to help prevent pressue ulcers. They're aimed at our staff, patients, carers and other health professionals.

What is a pressure ulcer?

Pressure ulcers (sometimes called bed sores) are damage to the skin and, in more severe cases, to the underlying tissue.

Pressure ulcers can be very painful and are a known risk for patients at home or in hospital who have limited mobility. They usually occur when someone sits or lies in one position for too long.

Anyone can get a pressure sore, but among those most at risk are people:

  • who have trouble moving and cannot change position themselves 
  • who cannot feel pain over part or all of their body
  • are incontinent
  • are seriously ill, or have had surgery
  • who have a poor diet and don’t drink enough water
  • who are very young or very old
  • who have damaged their spinal cord.

There is more information about pressure ulcers on the NHS website.


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