Pressure ulcers resources

Prevention is better than cure

Zero pressure campaign materialsWe have developed a range of resources for health professionals and carers to support you in helping to prevent pressure ulcers in the people you care for. 

Download the resources from the list below.


  • Checklist (PDF 138Kb) – to help you look out for pressure ulcer signs and triggers
  • Information leaflet (PDF 1.5Mb) – for patients, carers and the public
  • Safety cross (PDF 152Kb) – an easy way to record how your organisation is doing at preventing pressure ulcers
  • Care home poster (PDF 205Kb) – for displaying in staff areas of care homes
  • Ward poster (PDF 656Kb) – for displaying in wards and other public areas
  • Lanyard card (PDF 137Kb) – for printing and putting in staff lanyards or in diaries as a reminder of the risk factors of pressure ulcers.

For more information about any of the resources, please email