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This page gives you a list of departments at Guy's, floor maps and main contact number. Use the links below for detailed information about each area.

Find a department at Guy's Hospital
Department Map Contact
Ageing and health service Map to the older persons assessment unit (PDF 40Kb)  

020 7188 2093

Allergy service

Map to the allergy clinic (PDF 47Kb)

 020 7188 5846/7263

Andrology service

Map to andrology (Nuffield Building) (PDF 0.98Mb)

020 7188 0243


Assisted conception unit Map to the assisted conception unit (PDF 43Kb)

020 7188 2300

Astley Cooper dialysis unit Map to the Astley Cooper dialysis unit (PDF 35Kb) 020 7188 8816 / 5712

Adult audiology centre

Map to the adult audiology centre (PDF 38Kb) 020 7188 2211
Balance clinic Map to the balance clinic (PDF 38Kb) 020 7188 2214
Blood disorders Map to the haematology clinic (PDF 38Kb) 020 7188 2760 
Blood tests Map to the blood test drop-in centre (PDF 39Kb) 020 7188 4778
Blood transfusion services

Map to haematology 1 (PDF 90Kb)

Map to haematology 2 and day unit (PDF 64Kb)

020 7188 2760

020 7188 2757/42

Breast Cancer Care's HeadStrong service

Map to the cancer day unit (PDF 39Kb)  

Breast cancer services

Map to the breast unit (PDF 39Kb)

Map to the breast medical and clinical oncology unit (PDF 35Kb)

020 7188 1483


020 7188 3750

Breast imaging service Map to the breast imaging department (PDF 1Mb)  020 7188 5542
Cardiovascular services Map to the cardiovascular outpatient clinic (PDF 35Kb)  
Chaplaincy (spiritual health care) Guy's Chapel, off the consultant's car park, St Thomas' Street  
Critical care services Map to Guy's critical care unit (GCCU) (PDF 40Kb) 020 7188 5967
CT scan Map to CT department (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 5542
Day surgery Map to day surgery (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 1728
Dental services Map to the dental department (PDF 107Kb)

020 7188 8006

Dermatology services

Map to dermatology outpatient clinic (3rd floor, Southwark wing) (PDF 38Kb)

Map to dermatology outpatient clinic (ground floor, Bermondsey wing) (PDF 40Kb)  

Diabetes and endocrinology service  

020 7188 1915

Diabetic eye complication screening service (DECS)  Map to the diabetes department (PDF 38Kb) 020 7188 1979
Dialysis unit Map to the dialysis unit (PDF 35Kb)

020 7188 8816 / 5712

Dietetics (nutrition and dietetics) Map to nutrition department (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 4128
Dimbleby Cancer Care service Map to drop-in information centre (PDF 35Kb) 020 7188 5918
Ear, nose and throat (ENT) and head and neck (H&N) services Map to the ear, nose and throat (ENT) and head and neck (H&N) department (PDF 38Kb)  
Eczema (severe)    
End of life care Map to the palliative care department (PDF 40Kb) 020 7188 4754
Epilepsies Map to the neurology department (PDF 38Kb)

020 7188 3956

Fibromyalgia service Map to the rheumatology department (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 5900
Foot health services Map to the foot health department (PDF 39Kb)

020 7188 2449

General haematology services Map to the haematology department (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 2757
Genetic skin diseases (genodermatoses) Map to the genetic skin disease clinic (PDF 40Kb) 020 7188 7349
Genetics service Map to clinical genetics (PDF 35Kb)

020 7188 1364

Gynaecological cancer services Map to the McNair Centre

(PDF 1Mb)

020 7188 3585
Gynaecology services Map to the McNair Centre

(PDF 1Mb)

020 7188 3585

Results helpline: 020 7188 3023 (Wednesday afternoon 2pm-4pm)

Haematology services

Map to Haematology 1 (PDF 90Kb)

Map to Haematology 2 and the day unit (PDF 64Kb)

020 7188 2760

020 7188 2743 

Hand therapy services Map to hand therapy (PDF 47Kb) 020 7188 4172/4
Head and neck (H&N) and ear, nose and throat (ENT) services Map to the head and neck (H&N) and ear, nose and throat (ENT) department (PDF 38Kb)  
Head and neck cancer services Map to the head and neck (H&N) and ear, nose and throat (ENT) department (PDF 38Kb)  
Headache clinic Map to the neurology department (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 3962
Health psychology services Map to haematology 2 and day unit / counselling rooms (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 2718
Hodgkin's lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Map to haematology 1 (PDF 1Mb) 020 7188 2760
Immunobullous service Map to the inflammatory skin disease clinics (PDF 38Kb) 020 7188 6279
Interventional radiology Map to the radiology department (PDF 48Kb) 020 7188 5542
Kidney services Map to the kidney and transplantation clinics (PDF 49Kb) See the kidney clinics page