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Cancer genetics referrals

Testing for cancer susceptibility genes 

Cancer referrals

Where there is a personal history of specific types of cancer or a strong family history of similar or related cancers, we can complete a risk assessment and where appropriate offer testing for cancer susceptibility genes.

  • When and how to refer

    Cancer Genetics appPlease use Cancer Genetics, a smartphone and web-based app, developed by Guy’s Clinical Genetics department, to refer patients to our service.

    Cancer Genetics provides hereditary cancer risk assessment and referral guidance for clinicians. It is relevant for any clinician, in primary, secondary or tertiary care, who sees patients that may be at risk of hereditary cancer. It can be used for patients with a personal history of cancer and patients who are unaffected but concerned about their family history of cancer.

    Key features:

    • quick intuitive evidence-based risk assessment tool
    • reports generated from anonymous family history information
    • option to save, print, email risk assessment reports
    • referral by email for patients in catchment area of Guy’s regional genetics service
    • reference guide for hereditary cancer conditions
    • links to published guidance, peer-reviewed literature and useful websites
    • glossary of genetic terminology and concepts
    • MHRA certification, CE marked, as a Class 1 medical device.

    Open the Cancer Genetics web application.

    For smartphone users, the application is also available to download from the Apple App Store and on Google Play for android, both of which can be found on the UBQO website. Alternatively search directly for ‘cancer genetics’ on the App Store or Google Play.

    Cancer Genetics generates a summary risk assessment report for the patient. Please send this report with the patient’s referral letter. If the patient has already completed a family history questionnaire in primary or secondary care, please also send this with the referral letter.

    An affected relative should be referred to our service. If this is not possible, then we would be pleased to assess a close relative.

    For any queries relating to Cancer Genetics, please contact:

    Cancer Genetics consultant on-call
    Genetics clinic
    7th floor Borough Wing
    Guy’s Hospital
    Great Maze Pond

    Tel: 020 7188 1364
    Email: gst‐

    Routine cancer referrals

  • Urgent cancer referrals

    If you feel that your patient needs an urgent cancer risk assessment or you are unsure as to whether or not to refer a patient, please call the cancer genetics consultant on-call on 020 7188 1364 to help you decide if a referral is appropriate.

    For women with breast cancer who require an urgent risk assessment please speak to the cancer genetics consultant on call on 020 7188 1364 and then complete and send the fast-track referral form for women with breast cancer (PDF 838Kb).

  • Further management

    A patient with a genetic diagnosis will be offered follow up services through our clinic. Additional screening may be arranged locally. Once a genetic diagnosis has been made, other family members who may be at risk can be referred. Assessments and screening suggestions will differ between family members based on their age, gender, and place in the family structure.

    Once your patient is seen, you and the patient will receive a letter explaining the risk assessment, with suggestions and a reminder to ask for a re-assessment if the family history changes.