Making a referral

We accept direct referrals from GPs and other health professionals. Please send your referral by email. Please note, we are no longer accepting paper referrals. Please include:

  • GP details and patient details (including NHS number)
  • all relevant reports and letters
  • a completed family history form
  • a completed referral form from the list below, if applicable
(DOC 102.50KB)

Please consider:

  • referring your patient to a regional genetics clinic when they're diagnosed with a genetic condition and at relevant times after diagnosis
  • referring your patient as early as possible in pregnancy, preferably pre-conception
  • referring relatives of patients with genetic conditions to discuss future health and reproductive choices

Referrals from south east London

We accept direct referrals for patients in south east London from GPs and other health professionals including:

  • midwives
  • oncologists
  • neurologists

Please check that your patient's GP postcode is within our area before you send your referral.

Inpatient referrals

Please make a referral for clinical genetics ward round if there are inpatient diagnostic or management implications for this review.

Complete the clinical genetics ward round referral form and then contact the specialist registrar on-call on bleep 3169 to discuss the case and agree a time.

Urgent referrals

To make an urgent referral please call us to discuss the referral, then email the urgent referral form to us. Include details of the affected individual and their relationship to your patient. We can offer patients who need an urgent referral an appointment within 1 week.

Prenatal referrals should be marked as urgent.

We do not accept emergency referrals.

Making a referral on Quest Genomics

Quest Genomics is now available for clinicians in our region. This tool can be used to complete patient risk assessments and determine which patients need to be referred to clinical genetics. It is currently available for oncology indications, but more indications will be added on an ongoing basis.

Visit the Quest Genomics website to find out more and make a referral.

Last updated: October 2023

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