Antibody incompatible kidney transplant

Kidney transplant service

We have one of the largest blood group incompatible transplantation programmes in the UK. Our success rate is over 95%. Rejection rates and complication rates are comparable with our routine transplants.

Non-blood group antibody incompatible transplants are much less common in the UK. This is due to the living donor kidney sharing scheme, allowing kidneys to be 'exchanged' between incompatible pairs.

A small number of centres in the UK are attempting to use 'desensitisation'. Desensitisation involves special treatments to remove or change levels of antibodies in the blood in order to make a transplant possible. If you're eligible for these treatments we'll see you in a special clinic. 

We have transplanted over 50 previously 'sensitised' patients in the last few years, with a 1-year graft survival of 85%. This compares well with international centres. Our experience and success attracts referrals from all over the UK and beyond.

We have a specialist team dealing with these transplants. Our service expanded to carry out blood group incompatible transplantation in children. Our children's blood group incompatible transplant programme is the largest in the UK. 


You'll stay on Richard Bright ward if you're having a kidney transplant.

Last updated: 21 September 2021

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