First appointment

Kidney transplant service

Your first appointment will be face-to-face.

Your follow-up appointments may be:

How to get an appointment

Your kidney doctor will talk about transplantation with you. If you decide that you'd like to be considered for a transplant, your kidney doctor will refer you to the transplant team.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Email: [email protected]

Before your appointment

We'll give you the details of your recipient nurse coordinator before your appointment. They'll be your main point of contact before your transplant. They'll arrange the tests you need before seeing a transplant surgeon.

You'll need some different tests and appointments before we can confirm you're suitable for a transplant. 

Your recipient nurse coordinator will help organise the tests and appointments you need. They'll continue to support you once you are on the transplant waiting list or waiting for a living donor transplant.

During your appointment

Before your transplant you'll continue to see your kidney doctor. They will help prepare you for a transplant. You'll also meet a member of the transplant surgery team.

Your first appointment with a transplant surgeon will be face-to-face. It will last 1 hour.

Before you meet your surgeon you'll have had many of your transplant tests. The surgeon will examine you and talk with you about your test results.

You may also have routine tests, such as blood tests done on the day of your appointment.

We're a teaching hospital and sometimes students will be at your appointments to observe. We'll ask you if you're happy for them to be there. It will not affect your care if you prefer not to have them there.

After your appointment

We'll send you a copy of your surgery assessment letter. We'll also write to your GP and any other doctors you see. We'll let them know if you need any changes to the medicines you take.

Your recipient nurse coordinator will arrange:

  • any further tests you need
  • appointment with other specialist teams if needed

If you are activated on the deceased donor waiting list your coordinator will contact you to let you know. This means you could be offered a kidney transplant at any time. You'll also receive a letter in the post. 

You'll see a surgeon every year until you receive your transplant.

After your transplant

After your transplant you'll have regular face-to-face appointments in our transplant follow-up clinic.

Last updated: 21 September 2022

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