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PETCT scannerWe are one of the UK's leading clinical PET/CT centres with more than 15 years experience of PET and PET-CT scanning.

We accept tertiary referrals from the UK and abroad for cancer, cardiology, neurology and neuro-psychiatry conditions and are a specialist centre for children's PET services.

What is a PET/CT scan?

PET/CT stands for Positron Emission Tomography coupled with Computerised Tomography. It is a safe scan that produces a 3D colour image, containing precise information about the organs in your body.

The scan is performed for a number of reasons, including:  

  • to diagnose a suspected cancer 
  • to characterise dementias such as Alzheimer’s Disease
  • to determine the focus of epilepsy seizures
  • to work out if there is living cardiac tissue that will benefit from coronary artery bypass surgery (for example if you have suffered a heart attack or have advanced coronary artery disease).

It is different from other investigations like x-rays, diagnostic CT scans, ultrasounds or MRI scans, which show us what the tissues look like. With PET/CT scanning, we see how the tissues are functioning and this helps us to identify organs or tissues that are not working properly.  

For detailed information about our service, visit the PET imaging centre website (external website).



Reception tel: 020 7188 4988
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Email: gst-tr.PETCentre

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