Online booking service

Book online to reserve a time slot

We offer an online booking service where you can reserve a time slot to be seen for any of the services listed below each clinic. To reserve a slot please click on the service you require at the clinic you wish to visit; you will be redirected to our online booking page.

Please note the time slot you reserve is a guarantee to be seen within one hour of arrival – it is not an appointment. When you arrive please inform reception you have a 'Zesty' appointment.

Service options available

Implant removal/insertion – a small flexible rod put under the skin of the arm which slowly releases the hormone progestogen. It works for three years.

Coil (Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUD)) – a small T-shaped device (coil) that is put into the womb, which slowly releases the hormone progestogen. Or a small plastic and copper device is put into the uterus. It works for five to 10 years depending on the type fitted.

Emergency coil – this service is only for an emergency coil after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Asymptomatic – we no longer accept walk-ins for asymptomatic (no concerns or no symptoms) check-ups. If you live outside of Lambeth and Southwark, please book an online slot.

Symptoms – this service is for people with symptoms of a possible genital or sexually transmitted infection.

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