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Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) team

Managing your skin condition 


Below is a list of staff you might meet when you come for your appointment.


  • Professor Jemima Mellerio - consultant dermatologist and lead for the adult EB service
  • Professor John McGrath - professor of molecular dermatology
  • Dr Emma Wedgeworth- consultant dermatologist
  • Ms Catina Bernardis - consultant plastic surgeon
  • Professor Rob George - consultant in pain medicine
  • Dr Chris Dickinson - consultant in special care dentistry


  • Jane Clapham - lead EB nurse specialist 
  • Annette Downe - clinical nurse specialist in EB  
  • Christopher Bloor - clinical nurse specialist in EB

  • Pauline Graham-King - clinical nurse specialist in EB
  • Caroline Mackenzie - clinical nurse specialist in EB

Other specialists

  • Kate Moss - EB psychotherapist
  • Rachel Box - occupational and hand therapist for EB
  • Rachel Laddin - EB physiotherapist
  • Rodney Fawkes - EB podiatrist
  • Lynne Hubbard - EB dietitian
  • Sallie-Ann Nicol - DEBRA EB community support manager
  • Ian Hendry - patient pathway manager