Meet the haematology nursing team


Nicky Clack

Nicky Clack, haematology matron, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Job title: Haematology matron

Secretary tel: 020 7188 4267

Biography: Nicky has over 15 years of acute hospital experience in oncology and haematology nursing care. She is committed to high quality care, service improvement and staff development.

Education and training: King's College London, Diploma in Nursing; BSc (Hons) Cancer Care; Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Practice (Leadership). University of Greenwich, BSc (Hons) Psychology.

Specialist interests: cancer/palliative care.

Neil Westerdale

Neil Westerdale, advanced nurse practitioner - haemoglobinopathies

Job title: Advanced nurse practitioner - haemoglobinopathies
Tel: 020 7188 2710 (voicemail) / 020 7188 2741 / 020 7188 7188, bleep 1843

Biography: Neil started work as a clinical nurse specialist in haemoglobinopathies at Guy’s and St Thomas’ in 1994. He became advanced nurse practitioner in 2008. Neill’s role includes managing adult sickle cell patients, both inpatients and outpatients. Neil also manages the clinical nurse specialists working within the adult haemoglobinopathy team. Neil is the acute nurse representative for the United Kingdom Forum on Haemoglobinopathies, and the treasurer of the Forum for Acute Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Nurses (Fast-N).

Education and training: Registered General Nurse, Rotherham (1987); children's nurse, Booth Hall Children’s Hospital, Manchester (1989); MSc health of ethnic minorities, King's College University (2003).

Specialist interests: sickle cell disease, priapism (painful erections), pain management in sickle cell disease.

Gavin Maynard-Wyatt

Gavin Maynard-Wyatt, lead cancer nurse - teenage and young adults

Job title: Lead cancer nurse - Teenage and Young Adults (TYA)
Tel: 07833 095 998

Biography: Gavin is the Teenage and Young Adults (TYA) lead cancer nurse. Looking after 16-24 year olds, his role is to ensure that the needs of his patients are all met, from diagnosis and treatment through to outpatient follow ups. Part of Gavin's role is to give his patients opportunities to meet and socialise with other young people who are going through similar experiences. He also works closely with the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Education and training: BSc Hons professional practice in clinical haematology, Thames Valley University (2006); MSc advanced practice in cancer care, Surrey University (2009).

Specialist interests: 16-24 year olds who have had a cancer diagnosis. 

Luhanga Musumadi

 Luhanga Musumadi, Clinical nurse specialist - sickle cell disease / co-ordinator for adolescent transition

Job title: Clinical nurse specialist - sickle cell disease / co-ordinator for adolescent transition 
Tel: 020 7188 7188, bleep 2256

Biography: Luhanga was employed by Guy's and St Thomas' in 2008 to co-ordinate the transition of adolescents from children's into adult care, developing the transition pathway and the academic health sciences centre to develop age appropriate services, meeting the needs of adolescents and young adults with a chronic illness. The was the first post within haemoglobinopathies in the UK. Previously Luhanga was a charge nurse for a newly opened nurse-led sickle cell and thalasaemia day care service, this was the first walk-in day care sickle cell pain management service in the UK.

Education and training: Registered General Nurse, Zambia (1995); BSc (Hons) health studies, Wolverhampton University (2006); ENB N08 - haemoglobinopathy, Nottingham (2001)  

Specialist interests: sickle cell disease and teenagers and young adults

Yvonne Francis

Yvonne Francis, clinical nurse specialist - myeloproliferative disorders / haemochromatosis

Job title: Clinical nurse specialist - myeloproliferative disorders/haemochromatosis - and independent nurse prescriber 
Tel: 020 7188 2708 (Monday to Thursday)

Biography: Yvonne started work as a junior nurse in the haematology team at Guys and St Thomas’ in 2000. She became sister of the day unit at St Thomas’ before taking on her current role in 2007. Yvonne works closely with Dr Harrison and Dr Radia reviewing and managing patients with myeloproliferative disorders and provides all patients starting treatment with oral and written information and monitoring. She runs a nurse led venesection clinic for patients with secondary erythrocytosis, haemochromatosis and other conditions requiring venesections and aims to start a telephone monitoring clinic for stable patients in the near future.

Education and training: BSc cancer nursing, King's College London (2004); postgraduate diploma in advanced nursing practice, King's College London (2011)

Specialist interests: myeloproliferative disorders, haemochromatosis, secondary / idiopathic erythrocytosis, therapeutic venesections  

Karen Stanley 


Job title: Macmillan lymphoma clinical nurse specialist
Tel: 020 7188 9333, bleep 0329 

Biography: Karen has been working as a lymphoma clinical nurse specialist since 2005 with extensive previous experience in haemato-oncology including bone marrow transplantation. Whilst in her post she has established a nurse led long-term follow-up service (2009) and a lymphoma specific end of treatment summary with a dedicated clinic (2011).

Education and training: Independent Prescriber; MSc advanced practice, King's College London (2013); DipHe cancer nursing, King's College London (2005);
registered general nurse, St James’ Hospital, Dublin, Ireland (1999) 

Specialist interests: lymphoma, survivorship, late effects of cancer treatment, end of treatment summaries.

Grace Milner

Grace Milner, clinical nurse specialist - leaukaemia and myeloma

Job title: Clinical nurse specialist - myeloma
Tel: 020 7188 2755, bleep 1246

Biography: Grace has worked at Guy's and St Thomas' since qualifying in 2004. She worked in Samaritan Ward where she worked her way up to deputy sister. She helped the lead teenager and young adult nurse set up a support group and service for 16-24 year olds and continues with this. Grace transferred to Hedley Atkins, general oncology where she shared her knowledge and skills in haematology and stem cell transplantation before moving to the haematology day unit where she gained experience in non malignant haematology, apheresis and out patient care. Grace is currently covering maternity leave as a nurse specialist in leukaemia and myeloma, working alongside the medical team coordinating patients in-patient and out-patient treatment and giving advice and support.

Specialist interests: teenagers and young adults (TYA) with cancer, myeloma

Nicola Shepherd


Job title: Clinical nurse specialist - leukaemialymphoma
Tel: 020 7188 5914, bleep 0614

Biography: Nicola began her haematological nursing career in 2006 on our specialist haematology ward at Guy's hospital, caring for patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. Nicola was deputy sister on the haematology day unit before becoming clinical nurse specialist (CNS) in leukaemia and lymphoma. She helped establish and co-ordinate an end of treatment nurse-led clinic for leukaemia and lymphoma patients and facilitates the Lymphoma support group with the lymphoma CNS.

Education and training: currently studying for an MSc in advanced cancer nursing, Kings College London; graduate certificate in haemato-oncology, Kings College London (2010); DipHE adult nursing, Kings College London (2006); BSc sociology, Bath University (2002)

Specialist interests: leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, lymphoma, stem cell transplant, late effects of chemotherapy and end of treatment care.

Judith St Hilaire 


Job title: Clinical nurse specialist - haemoglobinopathies
Tel: 020 7188 7188, bleep 2686 / 07920 711 266

Education and training: BSc health studies, registered midwife, registered health visitor

Specialist interests: Pain management in sickle cell disease  

Dennis Paquiz

Dennis Paquiz, ward manager

Job title: Ward manager - Samaritan Ward
Tel: 020 7188 8855 / 020 7188 7188, bleep 2772 Email:

Biography: Dennis started his career in the UK at the Royal Surrey Hospital, Surrey in 2002 having successfully applied for a post in the oncology unit. In 2005 he moved to Guy's and in 2008 was promoted to deputy ward manager. In 2009 he became ward manager of Samaritan Ward, a specialist haematology ward. Dennis gained further experience by undertaking both haematology and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation courses at King's College London.

Education and training: Nursing degree, Far Eastern University, Philippines (1997); St Luke’s Medical Centre, Quezon City, Philippines (2000).

Specialist interests: stem cell transplantation.  

Claire Woodley 

Claire Woodley, haematology research sister / team leader

Job title: Haematology research sister / team leader
Tel: 020 7188 7188 ext 51152 (works Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Biography: Claire has worked for the haematology team at Guys and St Thomas’ since 2004 when she started as a junior nurse in the haematology day unit. She worked her way up to acting sister of the day unit before taking on her current role in 2008. Claire works closely with Dr Harrison, Dr Radia and Dr Howard, reviewing and managing clinical trials for myeloproliferative disorders and sickle cell disease. She is involved with the patient’s care throughout their participation in a trial.

Education and training: BSc Hons pre-registration adult nursing; postgraduate diploma in advanced practice - cancer and palliative care, cancer nursing practice, haematological nursing care.

Specialist interests: myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs), sickle cell disease, haematology clinical trials.  

Toni-Lee Fagg


Job title: Sister - haematology day unit
Tel: 020 7188 2727, bleep 1462

Education and training: BSc Hons nursing (adult), Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College

Specialist interests: haematology, oncology, chemotherapy.