Sickle cell and red cell disorders services


Inherited red cell disorders include sickle cell disease, alpha and beta thalassaemia and other forms of anaemia (e.g. G6PD deficiency, Diamond Blackfan anaemia).

Our service

We have close links with community services and have specialist diagnostic laboratory services for red cell disorders. Our patients are offered the opportunity to participate in international trials and local research projects. 

Our haematology day unit offers a red cell apheresis service for patients with long-term chronic complications of sickle cell disease, e.g. stroke.

Regular follow-up care is essential in reducing long term complications for patients with inherited red cell disorders. In particular, regular long term care can lead to increased life expectancy and reduced hospital admissions for patients with sickle cell disease.



Community services

For information about our community services, please see the community sickle cell and thalassaemia pages.

Children's services

For information about our children's sickle cell services, see the Evelina London Children's Healthcare website.