Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

We treat people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Our world-renowned department is committed to providing high quality care and state-of-the-art treatment, to give you the care you’d expect.

We offer:

  • face-to-face and telephone appointments in our IBD clinic
  • diagnosis, treatment and management of your condition
  • surgery, including keyhole surgery (also called laparoscopic surgery)
  • nutrition support

Different health professionals work together, and with you, to make sure you get the care you need. Our team includes:

  • consultant gastroenterologists (liver and bowel doctors)
  • clinical fellows and registrars (senior doctors who are undergoing specialist training in gastroenterology)
  • IBD nurse specialists (senior nurses with specialised training in IBD)
  • colorectal (bowel) surgeons
  • IBD dietitians
  • IBD pharmacists
  • psychologists

Your overall care

You'll have a named consultant. They'll be responsible for your overall care and be kept up to date with your progress, but you'll not necessarily see them at each appointment.

The consultants are supported by a team of senior doctors who are undergoing specialist training in gastroenterology. Many of them are specifically training to be experts in IBD and are doing research in the IBD unit.

Our nurse specialists are senior nurses who run the IBD Advice Line. They are often your first and best contact for any advice you need. They see patients in the outpatient clinic, run telephone clinics, and give treatments in the infusion unit.

Colorectal (bowel) surgery

IBD treatment can sometimes include surgery. The team includes colorectal surgeons who specialise in operations for people with IBC. We work closely together to plan if surgery might be needed to try to achieve the best outcome.

Diet and nutrition

Our specialist dietitians can give advice about diet for IBD and help you change your diet to improve your symptoms. You may be referred to a dietitian for assessment if you have been struggling with your nutrition, before surgery or if you need a liquid diet. If you would like to see a dietitian, please let us know and we can refer you.

IBD specialist pharmacists

We have specialist pharmacists who help support with the prescribing of medicines. If you are having a treatment that needs monitoring closely, you may have appointments in pharmacy clinic.

For questions about your medicines, email: [email protected].


We'll care for you on one of our wards if you need to stay in hospital:

Health information

Find more useful information about IBD.

You can also get support and more information about IBD from Crohn's and Colitis UK.

Our consultants

Joel Mawdsley

Peter Irving

Simon Anderson

Shuvra Ray

Mark Samaan

Robin Dart

Research and clinical trials

Research is vital to improving the care that you receive when you're unwell. You can help improve healthcare by taking part in research studies at our Trust. During your appointment, ask your healthcare professional about research. They'll be happy to tell you about research studies you could be eligible to join.

We are currently undertaking a study in pain management for people who have Crohn’s disease, and are looking for patients to take part.

You may be able to take part if you:

  • have a diagnosis of Crohn's disease and are a patient with us
  • have had no surgery or changes in your medication in the last 3 months
  • experience abdominal pain

Please email [email protected] for more information.

Last updated: April 2024

Contact us


New appointments: 020 7188 8874, option 2

Follow-up appointments: 020 7188 2499, 020 7188 2497 or 020 7188 2491

Outpatient centre: 020 7188 7188, extension 53164 or 53165

IBD infusion unit: 020 7188 7188, extension 51955


General queries: [email protected]

New appointments: [email protected]

Address: Inflammatory bowel disease clinic, outpatient centre, Gassiot House, St Thomas' Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7EH

We're open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Clinical help and advice

IBD advice line for patients: [email protected]

We'll aim to respond to your email within 5 working days.

Do you have any comments or concerns about your care?

Contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

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