Neuro-rehabilitation physiotherapy

Your appointment

Your first appointment will be by telephone.

Further appointments will be either:

How to get an appointment

You can ask your GP or other healthcare professional to refer you.

If you have a face to face appointment, you need to be able to attend appointments independently or using our patient transport service.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone: 020 7188 5094

For neuro-therapies upper limb or neuro-hydrotherapy appointments, please call 020 7188 5088 and leave a message.

Before your appointment

During therapy, we'll work towards your goals of rehabilitation. Before your appointment, it's helpful if you can think about what you would like to achieve with us. When doing a task, this may include improving:

  • independence
  • speed
  • safety
  • quality of movement

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing as we'll ask you to do some physical tasks.

Please bring:

  • a list of the medicines you take
  • any clinic letters from other hospitals

During your appointment

You'll be seen by a member of our specialist team. Your assessment will include:

  • answering questions to help us to understand your history
  • physical examination and tests

A student might do your assessment. They'll be supported by a qualified member of our team to make sure you get the highest-quality care. 

At the end of each session, we'll make a plan for what you need to do next. This may include:

  • a face-to-face or virtual follow-up appointment
  • referral to one of our group treatments
  • a plan to manage your treatment at home

After your appointment

You will always receive a home exercise programme to do between sessions. Your physiotherapist will let you know if you need to have a follow-up appointment.

We usually provide 4 to 6 sessions.

We'll send a letter summarising the sessions to the person who referred you. 

If you have a non-urgent medical issue please contact a GP. If it is an emergency, please call 999.

If you have a question about your treatment or appointment, please contact us and leave a message.

If you have concerns about your therapy, please:

Contact us

For more information, please contact us.

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Do you have any comments or concerns about your care?

Contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

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