Epilepsy clinics


What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition where a person has repeated seizures.

A seizure happens because the normal functioning of brain cells has been interrupted for one reason or another (idiopathic or symptomatic causes). Having one seizure does not necessarily mean you have epilepsy: however having repeated unprovoked seizures will require further investigation and possible treatment.

Our epilepsy clinics

  • General (tertiary and local) follow up epilepsy clinics.
  • 'First seizure' clinic.
  • Epilepsy clinic dedicated to women with epilepsy with an emphasis on pregnancy (within the obstetric/antenatal department). Run by Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy and advanced nurse practitioner – epilepsy Marie Synnott-Wells.


From Saturday 1 July will only be accepting new GP referrals from the area of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham, Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich (including practices in Battersea and south Westminster). Tertiary referrals will also be accepted from all areas. If you require more information you can contact our neurology department on 020 7188 3965.

The tertiary epilepsy clinic is held every Tuesday morning (Professor Koutroumanidis) and accepts both tertiary referrals and referrals from GPs.

The 'first seizure' clinic is on Tuesday mornings at St Thomas', Wednesday afternoons at Guy's hospital and provides fast track examination for people with the first seizure in life. It accepts referrals from A&E and also from GPs.

The advanced nurse practitioner – epilepsy runs follow-up epilepsy clinics Monday to Wednesday and a phone clinic on a Thursday afternoon. These are organised to support patients with epilepsy, which includes newly diagnosed, support with medication/medical management, teenage transition, womens health and general epilepsy counselling. 

For urgent referrals, direct contact of the leading physician is required. For further information and advice call 020 7188 3954.

Staff details

Consultants working in this area are:

Professor M Koutroumanidis for the epilepsy and the first seizure clinics

Ms Sonji Clarke – consultant obstetrician/gynaecologist 

Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy – consultant in obstetric medicine

Marie Synnott-Wells – advanced nurse practitioner – epilepsy.