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A-Z of patient leaflets by title

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This page lists patient leaflets by their title. Please use the A-Z below to find the leaflets relevant to you.

If you are not sure which leaflet titles are relevant to you, see our list of leaflets grouped by department/topic.



Nocturia is where you frequently wake up in the night and need to pass urine. This leaflet explains more about nocturia is and why it can occur. It also gives advice on how to prevent or reduce this problem.

Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) testing

This leaflet explains more about the NPT test, including the benefits, risks and any alternatives. NPT testing is helpful when we are trying to determine a cause for erectile dysfunction. It also provides information on what you can expect when you come to hospital.

Nortriptyline for chronic facial pain

This leaflet aims to answer your questions about taking nortriptyline to treat your chronic facial pain.

Nuclear Medicine unit on Sarah Ward

This leaflet provides information for patients being admitted to Sarah Ward following radionuclide therapy.

Nurse led prostate cancer clinic hormone therapy

Leaflet explaining about the clinic, including what you need to bring with you, what you can expect and what to do if you have problems between your appointments.
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Children's patient information leaflets

Looking for our children's patient information leaflets? You can find these on the Evelina London Children's Healthcare website.

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